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Bud Bronson & the Good Timers 'Fantasy Machine' GTC019

Available as:
-Colored Vinyl LP (purple) with Download
-Digital Download

Enter the Fantasy Machine with Bud Bronson & the Good Timers
Bud Bronson & the Good Timers, reigning Denver Rock City champs since 2012, are set to release their full-length studio debut, Fantasy Machine, on 11/13/15 via Greater Than Collective.

Exploding with stadium-sized riffs, dual-lead pyrotechnics and storytelling that splits the atom between earnestness and absurdity, Fantasy Machine tells of the struggle to maintain the wide-eyed wonder of adolescence — when a Squier Strat could transform a suburban bedroom into an arena of screaming fans — during the long stretch between the twilight of childhood and the rest of your life. Through a Norman Rockwell-esque portrait of backyard teenage stoner rituals, decrepit adult bookstores, parking lot hang-out sessions, high school weight rooms, 4 A.M. taquitos, ballpark beer bongs, father-son football Sundays and cock rock jukebox classics, Fantasy Machine captures all the glory, ignominy and uncertainty that comes with the question: Will the good times ever end, and what will be left of us when they do?

Fantasy Machine, recorded in full by Chris Fogal (The Gamits, Dwayne) at Denver’s Black In Bluhm Studios, serves as Bud Bronson & The Good Timers’ first ever hi-fi listening experience after years of DIY releases. Equal parts Blue Album power crunch, Gorham-Robertson twin harmonies, ‘Mats wistfulness and Rockford’s Finest irreverence, Fantasy Machine is at once immediate and timeless, dive-bar-tested and arena-ready. For best results, crank it through the speakers of your best friend’s car en route to a Friday night party. Then go back for round two when you’re cleaning up your life the next morning.


  1. Rad Reputation
  2. Good Timers Theme
  3. Victory Fist
  4. Vapedemic
  5. Kitties South
  6. Pioneer Iron
  7. Party or Party
  8. Beer Commercial
  9. End of the Album
  10. Sleeveless Nights
  11. Sleeveless Reprise
  12. Running from the Cops