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the Knew "Schmew" GTC015

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Vinyl LP w/ album download
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Knew Schmew Brew by Ratio w/ album download

TK is made up of four members (Jacob, Ty, Tim, Andy) and are an inclusive band and believe in the strength of PMA. TK is against all forms of shitty scenes (music or otherwise) and attest to the power of being humble and vulnerable. We book and manage ourselves.

Pressing Information

Recorded at "Black & Bluhm"


  1. Right Kind of Fool
  2. I See Air
  3. Rally and Rumble
  4. I Wanna Kill (a love song)
  5. Gypsy Red
  6. We're Coming Back
  7. Queen Quiet Dynamite
  8. Yellow Gold
  9. Modern Woman
  10. Ruined
  11. Stargarden