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A Tom Collins "Stick and Poke" GTC007

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Vinyl LP
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A. Tom Collins and his band are an act hard to pigeon-hole, navigating the murky swamps of New Orleans R&B and '60s Soul, and following the cues of diverse influences from Tom Waits and Cab Calloway, to The Stooges and Sam Cooke. A. Tom Collins drops anchor with an impressive crash at each and every port, transfixing bewildered audiences with its strange brand of old time futurism that is as familiar as it is refreshing. Expect wild horns, surprising rhythms, catchy gang chants, and one hell of a live show led by piano-man Aaron Collins, who the Denver Westword called 'one of the city's best front-men.'

Pressing Information

Their debut full-length ‘Stick & Poke’, produced by the legendary Bob Ferbache.


  1. Mambo
  2. Baby Doll
  3. Hospital
  4. Don't Wait Up
  5. Us
  6. Dragon
  7. Jesus
  8. Love & A Flame
  9. Little Boy
  10. There Goes the Sun