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Ben Roy "I Got Demons" GT004

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Ben Roy is a stand up comic, musician, and daily eater. A member of The Grawlix comedy trio and punk band SPELLS, Ben lives in Denver, Colorado. Jackpot!

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Recorded at Comedy Works in Downtown Denver. Edited and tracked by Dan Schlissel at Stand Up! Records


  1. Thanks for Coming Out!
  2. Don't Use Ringback Tones
  3. I Miss Drinking
  4. I Have Panic Attacks
  5. 05 Rice Krispy Treats and the Jersey Shore
  6. 06 I Hate Tattoos
  7. 07 Marriage Doesn't Suck; You Do
  8. 08 My Sexual Gift
  9. 09 Just One Child
  10. 10 You're Not Going to Do Anything
  11. 11 Las Vegas Handjob